Still waiting

Well…only 11 days of school left (not including today). The year has flown by! We are anxious for summer and warm weather and Hawaii! Andrew and I are taking Christian and Mariah (my stepkids) to Maui the day after school ends. I can’t wait! We had planned a big trip with family, but unfortunately plans changed because my cousin, Danielle, has to have back surgery. : (

So…we are still waiting for our match. Andrew spoke with the social worker last week to touch base, and there just isn’t a match yet. Will I be a mom this summer? I hope so! It’s true that this is the worst part…the waiting. When we were going through classes, filling out paperwork, getting the house ready, we were DOING something. Now we’re ready, and it seems to be taking forever. I know, I know that many people wait YEARS for a baby. We’ve been technically waiting since February. Wherever you are, baby, we’re waiting for you with open arms!


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