frustrated…i hate technology among other things right now

thought i’d write some while i wait for my laptop to work. i am currently trying to save all music and photos to a portable hard drive. it’s not working. i’ve been on this darn thing for over 2 hours. help! among my technology problems i’m so, so frustrated with several other things. where’s the baby? it’s been two weeks since we last heard from our sw. she had indicated that moving to another level would bring us more calls. the nursery’s ready, i’m off of work now, house is clean, fridge is full. we are ready! just bring on the babies! i don’t know how many times i can say that waiting is hard, but it so, so is. it just sucks. i only know that i have my faith to fall back on, and KNOW that GOD has a plan that will unfold itself in its due time. i pray every night for patience.


another thing i am frustrated with is people in general. people who complain, people who don’t learn from their mistakes. i have made a fair share of mistakes myself, but i’d like to think that i’ve learned from them. hubby’s friend, s, got into a major motorcycle accident last week. when first we heard of it, it was two broken femurs, two broken arms, etc., etc. he called andrew two nights ago CRYING (mind you, i could not imagine this man crying, even in the midst of so much pain) and asked andrew to bring him food while he was in the hospital. my hubby, being a fabulous cook and all around sweetie, spent yesterday morning making spaghetti sauce that apparently is to die for (sorry about my vegetarianism, honey). the night prior i prayed hard for s’s recovery, and just knew that this man would embrace humility and kindness. when andrew went to see him he requested help with one more thing: could andrew help set up a charity in his name so people could contribute? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? yes, the man was injured (btw…it was one broken femur and one broken hand), but i know of so many others (family members included) that have been through far worse and never, ever would request charity when there’s such larger scale suffering in the world. every time i think of it i want to scream. i cannot believe the gall. now that i’ve vented i am going to let it go and focus on more positive things. feeling much better know that i ranted.



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2 responses to “frustrated…i hate technology among other things right now

  1. Jacklyn

    That guy sounds like a royal jerk. I don’t blame you for being disgusted. Does he every donate to “real” charities himself?????

  2. Cassandra

    Did you format the hard drive? Email me if you need help.

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