our trip to Maui

Christian and Mariah on the way to Maui

This was Christian and Mariah on the way to Maui. It was wonderful…not a peep for most of the way there! (Mariah’s under the blanket).

Mariah at dinner. We ate at Kimo’s in Lahaina to celebrate Father’s Day.

Yum! The hula pie we destroyed…

Under the banyan tree…I actually don’t mind this picture of me, which is very rare!

Scary shark at the Maui Ocean Center…

This turtle was at the Maui Ocean Center Aquarium, but Andrew and I saw many turtles like this while we were snorkeling. On our first day out, we watched three HUGE turtles (as big as me!) eating. They didn’t mind one bit that we were so close!

Christian’s favorite pasttime…especially at the mall!

Andrew and Mariah at D.T. Fleming Beach.

Andrew and the kids took the road to Hana. I decided to forego this trip, as I had been many times and I wasn’t thrilled about being in the car on such a windy road (especially with Andrew driving!). While they were gone I went to the beach and to the pool and got a 90 minute massage, which sounds luxurious, but really wasn’t. The man who did my massage kept talking about how stressed I felt and how my muscles were so tensed up. As a result I kept thinking about it, and stressing more. This has happened every single time I’ve been massaged by a man! Don’t they know? We are stressed because of men! : )

At Napili Beach, where we stayed.

Too bad Andrew was being such a dork…

Maui was wonderful! I just can’t wait to go again with our little one!

No calls yet! I was hoping to receive one today. : (

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  1. Jacklyn

    Looks like a fun trip! I’m soooo jealous!

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