jumping when the phone rings

Aaaaggghhh! My phone was ringing off the hook today, and every time I jumped because I thought it might be “the call”. None of them were, although they were all very nice calls. Let’s see…an invite to a party, a reminder about a doctor’s appointment, another reminder about a hair appointment… No offense to my friends, doctor, and stylist, but I really, really want to hear from our social worker. Please call! I have been reading like mad and just generally being a bum while on vacation. It has been truly wonderful. I haven’t been blogging for the simple fact that there’s no news. In this case, no news is not good news. : ( No worries! I’m keeping the faith!

This is where I’ve been hangin’ out…when Duke’s not sunning himself!

Chelsea’s new favorite hangout is the crib. She will not be a happy camper when the baby comes!


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One response to “jumping when the phone rings

  1. madisonmyangel

    I hope you all get that call soon. By the way I love the crib bedding and the little guest is so cute in there.

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