I haven’t wanted to write about what’s going on with our adoption for fear of putting a jinx on things (I can be a bit superstitious), but then I thought about why I started the blog in the first place and thought it was silly. If I’m documenting everything for our child then I should be able to write about every step of the journey, from frustrations, anxieties, and uncertainties, to dreams coming true, which will eventually happen. In fact, I have yet to share my blog with friends and family, so that is my next goal. Thus far I’ve only shared the blog with people I’ve “met” through blogging, and for those people I am eternally grateful, for they have helped me through some terrible moments.


Anyway, there have been some events happening in our adoption. About two weeks ago, a friend from work, Ellen, told us about a little boy she knew that was going to be put up for adoption soon. She socializes with his foster family and had been thinking about what would happen to him when she remembered that we were trying to adopt. I spoke with her and she told me how great this kid was, despite what he had been through thus far. He is totally thriving despite having a shunt and had met all his milestones. He had just turned 1 on June 7. I told her yes, we were definitely interested in hearing more so she put us in contact with his foster mother. She, too, told us how great he was and after talking with his adoption worker we set up a time to meet (last Thursday).


Well, for some reason, my husband decided to “do the right thing” and follow the rules. If you knew my husband you would know that he is not great at following rules so this was sort of out of character for him, but that’s a whole other post in itself. : 0 He decided it was best to call our social worker. When I talked to our SW, she told me that she couldn’t stop us from seeing him, but that this was definitely a “shortcut” that wasn’t recommended.  I know Andrew did what was best, but I really, really wanted to meet this little boy, and on our wedding anniversary!


On Thursday, “the day”, I heard from the foster mother. The adoption worker heard something in our SW’s voice that gave her the feeling that we should postpone the meeting. I certainly didn’t want to get anyone in trouble, but selfishly I was upset. I had to really have a conversation with myself to take it slow, and believe that if this is God’s path for us then it will happen. So….we didn’t meet this little boy. I did, however, hear from our SW that day and she got all the necessary medical and behavioral information regarding this little boy. The next step is for our SW to meet with his SW and adoption worker, which I was hoping would happen this week (we gave the green light to this today). Andrew talked to our SW today, however, and she said that this meeting would happen sometime within the next 2-3 weeks. UGH…more waiting. After that meeting, then we would meet with the three of them and would finally be shown a picture. She said we may still get calls on other children, but if/when we said yes to move forward with this little boy then those calls would cease, which makes total sense to me.


If you’re reading this, please send us your positive thoughts. I have faith that I will be a mom soon, but the waiting can be very intolerable. I have been keeping busy with reading and domestic duties (I am off for the summer because I am a teacher), but it sometimes saddens me that all of this free time could be best spent with a child. Andrew and I also have another trip coming up to Arizona. I guess I just need to savor this time and quiet alone with myself and my husband, something I’m sure I’ll crave later at times. We are back to school on August 25, so if this does work out it looks as if I’ll be using some sick time at the beginning of the school year.


I wanted to mention a blog I found recently, Adopting August. If you can, help this couple out with their adoption by buying one of their very cool shirts!


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  1. madisonmyangel

    I will definitely keep you in my prayers. I know God will make things happen in His own time. But I also know that it’s so hard to not try to help things along.

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