wait, and wait, and wait

anyone going through adoption, whether it be domestic or international, private, through foster care, etc., etc. knows how agonizing waiting can be. the book i’m reading right now describes the wait as “excrutiating labor with no end in sight”. when the waiting really got to me (which for me was when our home study was done and we were officially waiting for a match), i started to look online for articles and advice. this search led me to blogs, which in turn led me to creating this one! i devoured every bit of information i could about keeping myself busy while going through this journey. this is what i did…


1. Get in shape. Since getting married, I’ve gained 20 pounds. 20! Since I started working out about 2 ½ months ago I’ve lost 10, and would like to lose another 10. Yeah me!


2. Organize! I am terrible about filing papers, at home and at work. I just pile things up neatly in a ‘to file” pile and then have a load to do when I get motivated enough. When summer started I filed all our household papers. It is my goal to just file things as they come in. Maybe this will transfer over to work, too, when I start back at school.


3. Start a garden. I love gardening. It is one of my joys and passions. Every year I get better and better at it.  I can’t wait to grow things with a little one.

{my tomato plant}


4. Get the nursery together. As I’ve mentioned before, we had a temporary nursery while doing our home study. Once summer started I made it my goal to make the nursery ours, something that truly fit our personalities. I love the color orange. It’s so happy, and I love coral, so that basically became the “theme”.

5. Go on vacation. Since we started this whole process we’ve been blessed to take a couple of vacations to Hawaii. I also had the privilege to go to Paris last year with my cousin, Mistee. I loved Paris, and hope to go back. The food, the sites, the shopping, the architecture. I just couldn’t get enough. I thought the people were wonderful, and it was fun practicing the language. I would love to travel to see more of the U.S. though. I’ve been all along the west coast and southwest part of the U.S., and have seen D.C. and Florida on the east, but would like to explore the south and other areas I haven’t been to.

6. Read blogs. While waiting I have to say this is my new obsession. Since we don’t have many friends who’ve experienced the whole adoption thing, I have craved to read about others’ experiences about foster care and adoption.

7. Create a blog! It’s been fun playing around with creating a blog. There’s still so much to learn, and I don’t know if I’ll ever get very fancy with mine, but it’s a great way to share information about your adoption with friends, family, and people you “meet” online. My next goal is make it “pretty”.

8. Read books. Since school ended I’ve read some really great books, some on hobbies I’d thought of taking up (like beekeeping…weird I know) and adoption (I mentioned one in my last post). If any of you have any suggestions for parenting and/or adoption please let me know!

9. Take up a hobby. I guess my hobby right now is all of the above. I bought the beekeeping book I mentioned above, but after reading it decided we really don’t have the room or the time to keep bees. If anyone out there is interested in the book, let me know and I’ll send it off to you. Instead of keeping bees, I’ll do my part by eating ice cream! See Haagen Dazs for how you can help with colony collapse disorder. I really want to get more into photography, but cameras are pricey, and I’ve been doing a lot of research. If you have any advice I’m all ears! This is what I wish for right now:

10. Shop. Need I say more? I am a girl who loves her shoes. I just found these Tommy Hilfiger madras espadrilles at TJ Maxx for $25.00!

11. Cook/Bake. I dusted off my old bread maker that I received as a gift 6 or 7 years ago and have been experimenting with bread recipes. I’ve also tried out some new recipes, some of which have been a success, others that haven’t, but my husband has gladly tasted them all!


If anyone out there in blog world has any other ideas to keep me occupied, please let me know!



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4 responses to “wait, and wait, and wait

  1. miranda

    Have you heard of the professor who gave his “last lecture”? I think he had pancreatic cancer and passed away recently, but a book came out about his experiences in life and his “last lecture” to his students/people in general. I tried to buy his book at Borders this Saturday, but it was sold out. He has it on YouTube, too. I’m going to watch it tonight, but I’ve heard good things. Call me if you get bored. 🙂

  2. I wish I had some suggestions for you. You’ve given me some ideas. I’ve always wanted to learn to knit and sew. I’ve bought all the things I need, but I’ve never sat down and done them. I’m going to get to work this week. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Bri

    Thanks for commenting my blog. I love your list of things and it all reminds me of myself. It is funny how much I am enjoying throwing myself into things that I usually don’t do too often.

    We started a garden this year, I started my own obsession with the blogosphere, we are heading to Puerto Vallarta in Oct, and I have started the largest photo frame collage known to man.

    Some other things that we are doing (not nesissarily to intentially distract us, but it works well) is learning to snowboard and we adopted a little puppy (housetraining is interesting!).

  4. Ann Marie


    I was searching for adoption forums and stumbled upon your blog.

    My husband and I just got approved a couple of weeks ago for domestic infant adoption. No idea how long it is going to be, should be interesting. Been doing a lot of reading on adoption and getting ready to crochet a blanket.

    Congratulations on getting to this point, and I hope you have a short wait:)

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