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andrew started with football practices yesterday, so he’s out coaching all day from now until school starts on the 27th so….yesterday was my first day alone with the little guy (i’ll call him j from now on). we went shopping in the morning as he has very few clothes in his size (he came with a full suitcase, but most of the clothing was 0-6 months old). everything i had was 12-18 mos., and although he’s 15 mos. old, the 12 mos. is too big. everything would have been fabulous yesterday if not for the dogs who killed a rat and brought it in for show and tell, then proceeded to throw up all over our couch. it was pretty bad.

j didn’t drink any milk at all when he came to us last week, which really concerned me, but i put in some chocolate syrup yesterday and he loved it. today i decreased the amount to near nothing and hope to try just regular whole milk tonight at bedtime.

our friend, kristi, also came by to visit yesterday, laden with tons of gifts! yay! she found shorts that adjusted sizes so that they can fit him and still be used as he grows.

today we had pool day at my friend, lupe’s. he loved it except he didn’t like being held the whole time since he’s used to doing whatever he likes in a baby pool.

our sw just called with more info. the hearing date is august 14, but this is just for his sw to give a progress report to the judge. she said they will wait an average of 6 mos. to terminate parental rights, but if a judge sees that the child has an adoptive home ready and willing they can “fast track” it. she did warn me that we may have to bring him to visit his mother, but to make sure we don’t meet at our home. so…the waiting doesn’t stop, huh??? : )

so far he says a few words: momma, daddy, yeah, and what i think is “dog”. he can be quite opinionated about things, although we have no idea what he’s saying! he has started testing me. for example, he tries to touch the stove knobs, despite me telling him that it’s “hot” and would hurt him. when i tell him “no” he cries and gives me those puppy-dog eyes to see if i’ll give in to what he wants. when he cries it just rips at my heart, but i stand firm.

i hate not having pics to post. : (



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5 responses to “out and about

  1. Audrey

    Aloha from Hawaii! We are so happy for you guys! We pray that all is well and will stay blessed 🙂 He sounds like a great little boy and is such a cutie as well! Mikey and I wish we could be there to meet him! Please keep us updated – we wish you the best always…

  2. Audrey,
    I can’t wait to meet YOU and the little one! Let us know how your ultrasound goes…

  3. Audrey

    Hi Kristine,
    I can’t wait to meet you all as well! We had a regular prenatal check-up on Monday and everything looks good (we are 11 weeks today). We didn’t have an ultrasound this time around but we got to hear peanut’s (that’s what we call baby for now :)) heartbeat via doppler device. It was so fast and strong, beautiful music to our ears! How’s the litte guy adjusting? He sounds like he loves the water – I’m sure he would have so much fun at the beach here in Hawai’i!

    Happy Aloha Friday!

  4. Hmmm…when can we visit? ; ) Are you guys going to find out the sex, or wait until birth???

  5. Audrey

    i’d say come tomorrow if you can! heehee

    we both agreed that we would like to know. i go in for a scheduled prenatal on saturday (13 weeks check-up) and i will see when i can schedule the next ultrasound to determine the sex. we will keep you updated! everyone says it’s a boy…but we’ll see 🙂

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