feeling sick.

a bit angry right now. i contacted our district office today about taking time off. i currently have 41 days sick leave with 12 more to be added this year, so our plan was for me to take off until the end of october. i even went in to school today to set up my classroom for a long-term sub BUT…i heard back that for adoption i can only take a leave of absence WITHOUT PAY. i can also take family and medical leave concurrently to continue to get benefits coverage, but that is also WITHOUT PAY. i cannot be WITHOUT PAY. i think i’m coming down with something. i might be out for 41+ days.



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2 responses to “feeling sick.

  1. What!!! I hate how adoption gets treated diffrently then pregnacy! I think you should be coming down with something!

  2. Yes! Make sure to check on your adoption benefits right away. I checked on it last year and it wasn’t what I was told. I still plan on talking to the “powers that be” so that future adoptive parents don’t have to find the loopholes to receive the same benefits as maternity.

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