back to school. and the winner is…


today is the first day of school and andrew and all my friends are welcoming their new students into their bright and shiny classrooms. i am one of those people who always liked school. i dread the end of summer as it’s my favorite season, but there is an excitement and anticipation about going back to school. at first i get angry when the back to school ads come out. i mean, i am barely getting used to sleeping in and being lazy, and pow, i have to buy pencils and pens and notebooks? but then…the anger subsides and i actually look forward to buying new things and setting up my classroom. don’t get me wrong…i am loving that i get more time to enjoy the fruits of summer…  and especially because it’s time spent with j. : )

having a child around makes you slow down and live in the present. i’m the same, but i’m different too, and it’s nice to take notice of the small things in life. my days right now are centered around j and doing what’s best for him. the best food, the best rest, the best play. isn’t that what life’s about? we run around doing this and that and sweat the small stuff. being a parent is amazing and i love teaching this little person how to best take those steps away from me, but also how to come to me for comfort when it’s needed. one of the greatest things i heard is when the other day andrew said, “he makes me want to take better care of myself.” thank goodness. i have been nagging him to do that for quite some time!

as for my extended summer,

i get more time to eat this…

i pick these from my garden…

i roast tomatoes and saute the zucchini and eggplant with garlic and pine nuts, mix it with whole wheat linguini, add basil, grated parmesan and ricotta cheese and voila! the perfect summer meal. yum. lately i have been accompanying my favorite meal with macaroni grill rosemary bread made in my bread machine. it is so delish.

i also get more time to do this…

{nap time}

and more time to just enjoy the view…

{j and duke}

have a wonderful school year!

i had j pick a winner for the diaper bag. our neighbor gave him magnetic numbers so i put out 1-7 . i guess the kid likes order because he picked #1 so…congratulations ashley! he must know that any day now, at any moment, you will get a call for a placement! i will email you for your address.

p.s. stay tuned loyal readers. i have other stuff to give away.



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3 responses to “back to school. and the winner is…

  1. Emily S.

    Love the nap picture! Why weren’t you sleeping?

  2. miranda

    We miss you. Not the same without you. But, we’re definitely happy for you! 🙂

  3. Audrey

    yum yum! the veggies look like they were definitely grown with lots of love!

    the “enjoying the view” pic put the biggest smile on my face and in my heart – a testament to what life should be about! it’s so important to take the time to enjoy the little things in life especially with the people (or animals!) you love…and little J knows this already 🙂

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