::martha watch out::

{photo via smitten kitchen}

i have always been a wannabe martha. not the convicted martha, mind you. let’s pretend that never happened and move on. i have always admired the martha that excels at domesticity. i love to cook and make a home beautiful and comfortable. it’s really the only creative outlet i am somewhat good at. j has made me crazy happy to cook every day. this kid loves to eat, and loves to eat well. when i bake a fresh loaf of whole wheat bread he’s right there ready to eat the first warm piece with a pat of butter. i tried to feed him the usual kid lunches: grilled cheese, chicken, cheese pizza but NO…he is constantly reaching for what we are eating so i have learned to just cook as usual. the boy eats not grilled cheese, but panini, mind you, with provolone cheese, artichoke hearts, and roasted red peppers. instead of just plain ol’ chicken he loves roasted chicken with thyme, and instead of cheese pizza, he loves my grilled pizza with pesto, tomatoes, and asiago cheese. when i made vegetarian chili yesterday he dipped his spoon in the bowl and said, “mmmmm”. now why wouldn’t i want to cook more with reactions like that? i wonder though if i’m creating a food snob. i mean, will he go to the school cafeteria and demand arugula?

p.s. i go here and here for inspiration.

p.p.s. j also LOVES these healthy muffins from the petit appetit cookbook by lisa barnes.

happy cooking!


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