cupcake recovery.

i think i was dreaming of red velvet cupcakes when i woke up from surgery.

hubby asked me what i “needed” tonight since i’m still not 100%. “nothing,” i said, “but i would love a cupcake and a movie.”

to aid in in my recovery hubby brought home a red velvet cupcake and this.

nice hubby.

we are so fortunate to now have a neighborhood cupcake store. fabulous!

and look at this! a whole blog dedicated to cupcakes! such a beautiful world we live in!

p.s. my surgery went well. the nurses and doctors were fantastic. i am clean out of endo (for now). my tummy still hurts though. cupcakes do help with this pain. : )



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3 responses to “cupcake recovery.

  1. Kelly T.

    Looks delicious! I wish we had a cupcake store!

  2. klarobinson215

    I’m glad to hear your surgery went well – and the cupcakes are helping. What a good hubby!

  3. Bri

    I’m so jealous! The cupcake looks great and my hubbs would bring home something like Die Hard no matter what the occasion. Enjoy doing nothing and recover quickly!

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