the {not so} perfect day

today i feel somewhat “normal”, although i still have some shots of pain here and there.

i am dog-sitting for my mother so yes…we have 6 dogs and 2 cats and i have to remind myself to constantly remain patient while i attend to their needs as well as to j’s. oh today was definitely a test of patience.


our coffee machine broke. this was a major catastrophe for hubby, and he woke me up at 6:00 a.m. to tell me so. once we got up and running i purchased the one i’ve been wanting for some time. crisis averted.


while i mowed the lawn j locked me out of the house. i had no idea this little rascal even knew how to work the locks. i ran around frantically trying to figure out how to get into the house while he smiled at me from inside. thank goodness i opened a room window so yes, i climbed through to get in.


i thought it would be fun to take j to the park to feed the ducks. he thought it would be more fun to break away from me and try to dive into the pond. as i pulled him closer to me he screamed bloody murder as everyone there stared.


i tried to cook dinner while j had a meltdown and screamed for close to 45 minutes. this kid is going to be an actor! oh, the dramatics! the lamentation, the piercing cries, the staming of the feet. the academy award goes to….j!

cupcake anyone? i’m throwing myself a pity party. : )

{images via amy atlas events}

just kidding. i love this little guy, and he rarely has a tantrum compared to other children. i will look upon this post fondly when he someday mentions me in his acceptance speech for his outstanding performance in a lead male role. oh yeah… and we will throw a big party with a tables of cupcakes and candy.

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