want it?

i like to think i am very organized. too organized in fact. i am constantly filing and putting things away, and then forget where i put them. i thought i lost my favorite kids cookbook (the one with the muffins that i’ve previously mentioned), so i ordered another.

guess what? it turned up today. i’ve heard that when a woman becomes pregnant she has some memory loss. does that just happen to all parents in general?

if you’d like this cookbook, i’d love for you to have it. even if you don’t have kids yet, it’s something you can use in the future. just leave a comment and next wednesday night i’ll choose a winner!

on another note, j’s visit with the agency went well today. they just had me fill out questionnaires about his development, asked me some questions, and watched him play. so far so good. he looks to be on target!

tonight is his first football game for the school where andrew and i teach…the big homecoming game. i am preparing for him to be bombarded!



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4 responses to “want it?

  1. Emily S.

    I have major memory loss, yet haven’t been pregnant and am not a mother YET! The book looks great!

  2. Kelly T.

    I’d love to try out the cookbook!

  3. miranda

    You always find the cutest things. 🙂

  4. I would love to win it… And I must say since I have started the adoption process I have major mush brain!!!

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