christmas gifts for nephews and j? check.

after checking out the newest issue of cookie magazine, i thought i’d do some early christmas shopping. i got these for j and my nephews, carson and frankie. shhhhhh. don’t tell please. they have the cutest superhero capes you ever did see.

you can get one too at . just enter cookiehero for the 25 percent discount.

i also couldn’t resist buying this chalkboard wall decal for myself from . enter cookie for 25 percent off the whole site. i’ve been wanting to make a chalkboard using chalkboard paint. now i don’t have to do the dirty work!




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3 responses to “christmas gifts for nephews and j? check.

  1. miranda

    Soooooo cute! They’re going to love the capes! 🙂

  2. Audrey

    those capes are so cool! i like the idea of the chalkboard wall decal. i was doing a little “window shopping” online and cames across these cute animal ones…wouldn’t they be perfect for J’s room when he gets old enough to doodle!?! 🙂

    hope all is well…aloha!

  3. those are adorable! at first i thought they were too much, but you get all 6 for the price! i’m definitely getting them someday. can’t wait until your little one comes along so i can spoil him!

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