pity party over.



last week was a bad one. it was a throwing up, bad back, feeling terrible, guilty, and forlorn, very bad week. 

sickness definitely humbles you. it colors everything you see in your world, but it woke me up. i lost patience so easily with j all week, and then as a result felt terribly guilty. (welcome to motherhood, huh?).

i realized that i had been so driven to care for this little person that i was neglecting myself. i am diligent in making sure that he eats healthy, yet i hadn’t eaten a fruit or vegetable in days. i was so concerned with him getting activity, yet hadn’t taken any time to do yoga or anything else. no wonder my immune system broke down.

j started school today. so far so good since i’ve gotten no calls, and there were no tears when we left. he easily adjusts to new situations so we didn’t foresee any problems, but you never know. after dropping him off, i went grocery shopping and fed myself healthy things. today i will fit in yoga and i even scheduled a massage for tomorrow. we really can’t afford it, but i’m doing it anyway, and i refuse to feel guilty about putting it on our credit card because tomorrow is my birthday. (darn you suze orman!) here’s to taking care of ourselves.

two weekends ago my mom, andrew, and i took j apple picking and to the pumpkin patch. it was a beautiful, beautiful perfect day!





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3 responses to “pity party over.

  1. miranda

    Soooo adorably cute! He looks like he had an awesome time! Enjoy your much needed massage! You deserve it! 🙂

  2. So cute. Love the pictures. And don’t feel guilty abut getting the massage. You have to take care of yourself in order to take good care of J. Enjoy! Happy Birthday!!!!

  3. Audrey

    love all the pictures, looks like it was a lot of fun!

    hau’oli la hanau…happy birthday! here’s to another happy and healthy year ahead!

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