i hope everyone’s holiday was full of joy, rest, and lots of good food! andrew, j, and i had a week off from school, so i took a little blog break as well. i think black friday messed with my sleeping schedule, however, as it’s 3 a.m. and i’m up! our week was full of rest, family, lots of pre-holiday preparation, eating, and decking the halls for christmas. the lights are on the house, the tree is up, and i’ve tried to get a head-start on gift wrapping. i just love this time of year, and even more so now that we have j. i am thankful for so much: my husband, j, my family, pets, home, job, and all the little things i take for granted every day like clean water, clothing, electricity, transportation.

j’s 19 month mark came and went and he’s changing so much as each new day passes. it’s really incredible to witness. he says so many new words and his {very charming} personality is emerging right before our eyes. on thanksgiving day he took a great three hour nap so he was a joy. he just loved having the family here and received loads of attention. he really does not like when parties end and actually cries when people start leaving!

a couple weeks ago we found out he had a double ear infection so he was put on antibiotics. when the course of medicine was finished he felt so much better. his cough disappeared and he was sleeping more easily. that lasted for about three days. last tuesday he had a terrible coughing fit so andrew took him to the doctor. well he FORCED himself into the doctor’s office. they couldn’t take him at first, but andrew insisted, spoke to a supervisor, and she agreed that he needed to be seen. thank goodness he took him that day; i just am not agressive or assertive enough to get that kind of action. turns out his infection was still going strong and the doctor thought he was having an asthma attack, possibly triggered by the fires. they gave him a breathing treatment and we do have to use ibuterol as needed. we are waiting for a breathing maching to arrive for home, but after that day he only coughs every once in awhile. they also prescribed more aggressive antibiotics. he is feeling so much better, however, the meds are giving him diarrhea, which in turn is giving him a diaper rash. poor little guy. to top it all off, i haven’t been the healthiest either. i have had a cough for over a week now, but luckily it seems to be wearing off. i even had to use two precious sick days last week because i had laryngitis. i hate to use sick days when i’m sick. : )

we had another visit from j’s social worker. she hasn’t heard from j’s birth mom, nor have we. the .26 hearing (to recommend termination of parental rights) is december 11. andrew and i are both going. j’s lawyer and social worker both said we should be there and we are {selfishly} praying that rights are terminated so we can adopt him. we want what’s best for him, and of course we feel that we are what’s best for him! : ) we love him so much and can’t imagine him leaving. it’s really something that we talk about only briefly once in awhile because the thought of him not being around is just too hard to bear. i just have faith that God’s looking out for him and us and what will happen will happen. what more can we do? we are just enjoying every day we have with him.

j says so many words now. he says please (peas) and thank you (dunk you), which is adorable, and has even said them unprompted. he also recites the first line of his favorite book over and over again (brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?). he has a very animated personality and makes a mad face (eyebrows furrowed) and then goes right into his surprise face (eyes really wide and mouth open). he loves lights so christmastime is very exciting for him. he just loves the seven lighted reindeer on our house and every time he sees a christmas tree he says “wow”. this morning we heard him wake up, leave his room, look at our tree and say “wow” before he came into our room. that kid wakes up happy every single morning. i have never been a morning person,but how can you be grumpy when a little one wakes up smiling? too cute.

tomorrow it’s back to work. wouldn’t it be lovely to just have off the whole month of december to enjoy the holidays? i just want to stay home with my two guys, bake, craft, and listen to holiday music. if only. okay, okay i’m spoiled. we do have winter break coming up in three weeks. just tell me to be quiet.

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  1. Miranda

    It was nice to have a break; it will be nice to catch up with everyone as well. 🙂

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