several people have asked me about our court date last thursday. it was just so anti-climactic that i didn’t even think to update. we were hoping that parental rights would be terminated, paving the way for final adoption of j, but, sadly it didn’t happen. we got to court on time (barely) at 8:30 a.m., waited for one hour before they called us in, and the whole process took less than two minutes. j’s mom wasn’t present and her lawyer made a motion to contest. the judge stated that she hadn’t visited or called, but the lawyer asked that at the very least she be given more time to get in touch with j’s birth mother. the judge allowed a continuance to january 8 so….more waiting. i cannot take any more time off, so andrew will be attending that one alone. i instantly wanted to cry after the hearing (if you can call it that), but i’ve been waiting so long already, what’s another few weeks, huh?


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  1. Juan

    I know the feeling. I have been there once or twice or five times. The worst is the not knowing. We continually struggle to get any information out of anyone about what is happening. We have another permanency plan hearing at the end of January and are ready to let them have it if they intend another continuance. By law we have the opportunity to make a statement. Dragging this out is not good for kids who are the age or our foster son (he is just slightly older than J). He also has two young sisters also in care, also hanging in limbo. They need to return our son or move towards TPR. You wonder at what point do you say–look the parents are either unwilling or unable to get there stuff together. And if they can’t take care of what they need to do while their kids are placed outside of the home, what makes anyone imagine they could ever take care of their children?

    The good thing for you is the continuance was only a month. Hopefully there will be a resolution for you, a new direction in the case so that your foster son’s future does not continue to hang in limbo.

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