{it IS a wonderful life}


inspiring teens?

very hard at times, my friends.

this movie, however, is enough to make anyone tear up.

my english language development class (a class of second language learners) has been watching it’s a wonderful life. such a timeless classic with universal themes. love, love, love it. i love george bailey, with his unending amount of integrity, and mary, who makes everything in life beautiful and is eternally devoted to her family. the kids have been list-making (25 things they’d like to do before they are 25), and we’ve been talking about what’s important in life.

they moaned and groaned at first (you know…it is  a black and white movie), but once george and mary began their courtship they were hooked. after we’re done, they’ll be giving a “george bailey award” to someone who’s inspired them this year.

watch it with your loved ones…you won’t be sorry (but do have a box of tissues with you!)


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One response to “{it IS a wonderful life}

  1. Miranda

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen this movie, but what a GREAT lesson plan! 🙂 I could do that for my reading class!

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