a {not so} rotten christmas.



{husband as santa at lupe and adrian’s}

the title refers to a little incident husband was involved in on christmas eve. he went to get j balloons from the dollar tree on christmas eve and long story short, got into an verbal altercation with another customer who was being very rude to the female employee, and then insisted that she give him an extra balloon because she charged him an extra .98 (HELLO, have you heard of sales tax?). no matter what, she couldn’t convince him that she charged him correctly, and then just decided to give the guy the stupid balloon. husband basically told him to be nice, to which the man responded that he didn’t need husband’s help and should mind his own business. he then told husband, you know what? i hope you have a ROTTEN christmas! husband just said, who says that? what kind of a person are you? you need to look at that balloon you’re buying! yes, readers, he was buying a happy face balloon. now i know we are not to expect much from the buyer at dollar tree on the day before christmas, but that was really uncalled for. and we had the last laugh because our christmas was wonderful.  i just told husband, the man probably just lost his job and the only thing he can afford to buy his kids is balloons. or the man and his wife (who promptly walked out of the store while the whole thing was going on) are getting a divorce and they are waiting until after the holidays to tell everyone.

anyway, christmas came and went so very fast, but husband said this was the best he’s had in a long time. mission accomplished. i have always loved this time of year and am glad that he loved it too.


{christmas eve dinner}


this was husband’s turkey post-dinner. as a non-meat eater, this is pretty gross to me.


{mariah was sooooo happy to get her surfboard}




{christian saying my abs hurt so bad. according to mariah, the expected response is, oh, so you’ve been working out?}aahhh! updating blog is too tiresome. will update with more photos later!

 i’m posting a video next of our christmas day madness (scroll down the page). it is password protected since it sort of shows j’s face (another reminder that he’s not ours offically yet!). if you are a blog buddy or in-life one, and don’t have the password, email or comment with your address and i’ll get it to you.

i can’t get our video camera to download into my moviemaking program, so had to use those on my digital camera. very bad lighting, but i suppose it gives it that old movie feel.


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2 responses to “a {not so} rotten christmas.

  1. klarobinson215

    I can’t believe the dollar tree story! That man must have been having a *really* bad day.
    Glad to see that the rest of the holidays went well and that you had a great first Christmas with J. Happy New Year!

  2. Kristine

    Yay! You’re back! If you ever have time, let me know where you are in your adoption process! Happy New Year!

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