haven’t been inspired to write the last few days. have been up at night thinking, thinking, thinking, and trying very hard not to worry. tomorrow is the next hearing, where j’s social worker will recommend tpr (termination of parental rights). husband will be there; i cannot take any more days off, so he is on strict orders to call immediately upon its conclusion. am very anxious as to what will happen. my wish? that rights will be terminated and that we will be given legal guardianship. a {little} wrench has been thrown in recently, which i haven’t spoken to anyone about, since i just don’t want to face the reality of j not being with us anymore. his social worker has told us that we don’t have anything to worry about. she is even making the effort to be there in person tomorrow, something that isn’t required. we are beyond blessed to have this social worker working with us. she has been nothing but supportive and attentive to j’s needs.

will be up all night praying. j’s learning to pray, too. he says grace with us at dinner time (he loves holding hands), and after we say prayers before bedtime he mumbles to himself as if he’s doing it on his own.

will leave you with a video that j loves to watch over and over. it’s by a band called goldfrapp.  it brings us happiness.


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  1. I’m keeping you all in my prayers that everything goes well today.

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