organize this: random thankfulness.




i really appreciate the support about dealing with court and the justice system. in hindsight, it’s a good thing that the hearing was postponed. j’s b-mom moved, and if they didn’t properly notify her she would have grounds to appeal, thus making the process even longer. the whole thing is really messing with our emotions at times, but that’s the nature of adopting through foster care. two more days and maybe…just maybe we will make it to the next step. we are just loving every minute of every day we have with j right now. he’s so incredible.

today is just a really feel-good day, for no particular reason at all. just is. have a ton of essays to grade, finals coming up to prepare for, the trial on thursday, but the weather is so dang beautiful and we have so much to be thankful for.

dinner’s made (slow cooker night).

three of my favorite mags came in the mail. such happy mail. no bills today.

am loving these pictures from domino. i get such inspiration from them. see the frame with the photobooth pictures? i think that’s such a cute idea, and the rocks are “heart” rocks the family collected on vacation. the kids’ room is so colorful and casual, and the outdoor room? don’t even get me started. i love the simplicity.




see the ruffalo house tour here. i’m so jealous.

domino also has great organizing tips herehoar_organizing_tips3.



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  1. Miranda

    I love the simplicity, too. The kids’ room is so cute and colorful!

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