we live here.


dear blog readers,

i do not mean to boast, but we are currently living in 80+ weather right now. i understand some of you are in inches and inches of snow, and to be quite honest, there are moments i envy you. but today i looked at this picture i took over the weekend, and have to admit we here are quite fortunate. so i’ll stop hemming and hawing about how i packed away all my summer clothes and that my new ritual of after school hot chocolate has been put on hold. for now.

apparently you are also in love with my dog, duke (see picture below). i have received 5 (count ’em…5) emails (not even comments…emails!) about the aforementioned duke. my dog receives more personal emails than i do. great. thanks. really needed that boost to my self-esteem. if i ever want to boost my readership i will make duke a regular contributor to this blog.




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3 responses to “we live here.

  1. klarobinson215

    Duke is beautiful! I’m a sucker for pets.
    Yeah – 80… where I am, it is currently -4 F with the wind… sooo cold! I will just have to imagine it is 80!!

  2. Miranda

    We do live in a beautiful place. Can’t wait till summer! 🙂

  3. Saw your website and had to check it out. Love it. I am an adoptive mom of 1 child- my daughter. Now we are thinking of venturing into (domestic) adoption perhaps from the foster care system. Lots of info on yor blog! Thanks!

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