with this show. makes me yearn for spain. if you’re a foodie you must catch this one!

with this website. love gwyneth {who traveled to spain on the road}. love the recipes, love the style, love the ideas.

with this food writer. also part of the spain road trip. love the ny times food section. and sometimes the writers make food sound so sexy.

with this radio show. so smart and makes me wish i can write like him.

with this blog. love france. love fashion. love images of fashion in france.


{image via the cherry blossom girl}

 with jack bauer. because of him i look forward to mondays.


with this cereal. i prefer the crunch berries version. husband thinks i’m weird. a grow person eating cereal, but right now it’s my favorite after-school snack. did you know that you can make french toast out of cap’n crunch? it’s true! find the recipe here.


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