views on marriage {from a 16 year old}.


{image via le love}

i honestly don’t remember what i felt about marriage when i was 16 or 17, but i’m pretty sure that i had planned to marry by my mid-20s and have children (a few) by my late 20s. things don’t quite work out as planned, huh?

last week i had my students write about their views on marriage since we were reading two stories (“the story of an hour” and “desiree’s baby” )by one of my favorite writers, kate chopin.

“horrid” and a “myth”, according to one girl. “like big foot or the lochness monster”.

she continues, “ulimately relationships can never last, leaving you broken and scarred. either you get a divorce, stay married for the kids, or pretend to be happy. it’s called ball and chain for a reason. individual liberties are slowly taken away as sanity draws from your poor, matrimonial, trapped mind. the only way to survive is to do away with it altogether.”

nice, huh?

then there’s the “nice” boy in class…

“i believe marriage is a life-long commitment of unconditional love and devotion between two people. their souls are tied by a bonding of deep compassion. the two people make a vow to stand by each other through the good times and the bad times. i think that if two human beings are going to fulfill this relationship, an escape, such as divorce, shouldn’t be necessary. then again, it can be looked on as being a burden. men could be whipped their whole matrimonial life…*sigh*”

yes he actually wrote the “sigh”. i think he was writing what he thought i wanted to hear, then honesty took over?

should i set these two up for prom???


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