no news is good news, but now there’s news.

so we thought that we would have a decision in may.

j’s csw called yesterday and wants to call a team decision making meeting where all parties involved, meaning us, j’s csw, her supervisor, our adoption worker, her supervisor, the bio-mom’s aunt, who has applied to adopt j, her adoption worker, her supervisor, and two-three people of our choice who will speak on behalf of us and our home. seems like a lot of people to me, but i think j’s csw hopes that when the aunt knows that he is in a good home that she might drop her request to adopt.

i have no idea if this aunt has met j, but seeing as his bio-mom still has visitation rights, we feel that this aunt, if she really wanted him, would take advantage of these visits with bio-mom to start to bond with him. i’m hoping that her request to adopt was in feeling that there was a strong possibility that he was not in a good placement.

we have tons of people to speak for us. the biggest decision is whittling down the list. we’ll see…


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One response to “no news is good news, but now there’s news.

  1. oh no. I didnt read this until now and since you arent doing the blog thing for awhile I dont know if you will read this but I will be saying some special prayers for you.

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