is 3 the new 2?


 everyone tells me about the terrible twos, and j has exhibited some signs of this about 3 weeks ago. sent me this article which made me feel better. it says that the actual twos tend to be calmer and more fun.

good to know that there’s nothing to be fearful of. {fingers crossed}


yesterday he definitely exhibited signs of the terrible twos. he has not wanted to go to bed any earlier than 8:45 for the past few nights, and it has made for a grumpy boy in the morning.

when i picked him up from school yesterday he was very happy at first, but then realized that i was leaving the leftover mini-cupcakes i brought for his birthday with his teacher. he threw a fit (despite having 2 of them already). i managed to get him into the car, where he screamed pretty much the whole way home. at home i couldn’t make him happy either. his teacher said he only ate a few bites of his lunch (so unlike him) so i knew that he must be starving, however, at dinner he hardly touched that too, just drank a whole lotta milk. i tried to put him down at 7:30 with our whole bedtime routine, hoping that he’d be asleep by 8:00, but no luck. i even laid with him for a good half hour. again with the screaming when i left. he finally went down at 8:45 again. if it was summer, when we don’t work, i wouldn’t be worried, but we have to have him up by 6:30 a.m. to leave on time. i don’t think he’s getting enough rest. i know it’s only been a few days of this madness, and i should just relax, but if you have any advice i sure would appreciate it!


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