his party may not have been “two” cute, but he sure is.


you know…sometimes i get really bummed that i can’t post pictures of j. he’s not yet officially “ours”, so we can’t post pictures of his face. i feel like i’m depriving you all of such cuteness.

j’s party was last weekend, and although i didn’t take weeks to plan every detail, i am a list maker by nature, so, yes, there were many lists. and, as usual, many expectations on my part. blogging is great, but at times it has made me feel inadequate at best in many departments, including party planning. i see all the cakes, all the decorations, all the food and games, and i think, why can’t i do that?

ummm…because you have a full-time job? because you just collected 30 1-page essays and 75 5-8 page research projects? oh yeah, there’s that darn job getting in the way of my blogging habit again.

i had planned to set up the cake and cupcakes (i made both) all cute and stylized and everything with the decorations for pictures to post. the food would look scrumptious (despite being store-bought) and i would be happily relaxed to mingle with guests, as well as be able to record all festivities on camera.

yes, things were easy but…it was close to 100 degrees so cupcakes and cake nearly melted. they needed to be refrigerated so no one could see just how cute everything was. husband’s close family friend (who shall remain nameless) stuck his stinking dirty fingers in the  caesar salad in front of several of my friends to pick out cheese. don’t worry, he says, my hands are clean. really? because they never are. he proceeded to watch the long beach grand prix in the living room with his shoeless feet on the coffee table. classy, really classy. he is another post altogether.

i felt like a kid on christmas who expects a puppy and gets a box of christmas ornaments (true story from my childhood).

then i realized that this was really silly. the party wasn’t about me. everyone was fed, everyone had a good time, but, more importantly, j had the best time ever. he played on his jungle gym with his cousins and friends, opened up a whole lotta toys, helped break open his first pinata, and was sung “happy birthday” to. all my expectations really were met, and i didn’t even realize it at the time. he is a happy little boy, and this makes me happy.

next year i will remind myself to not feel pressured to make everything look just so.

and let’s not invite you-know-who.

p.s. here’s another cute circus party from mikodesign!



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4 responses to “his party may not have been “two” cute, but he sure is.

  1. yeah! Looks wonderful- yes I think we moms put alot of pressure on ourselves after all when someone enters our home do they look at the husband if it is dirty or not decorated well? Nope- its the wife. Wish we could see pics too but understand – but that will change here real soon!

  2. Miranda

    I thought you did a wonderful job. Watching the kids go at the pinata was so fun! J is absolutely a happy and playful boy. I’m so happy for you guys!!!!

  3. klarobinson215

    Sounds like it was fun! Happy Birthday J!

  4. Emily T.

    Looks like a fabulous party!

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