weekend wrap-up.


{image via sunset}

last weekend’s highlights included dining al fresco so we had hoped to do that again with friends, and things worked out perfectly. fajitas and margaritas, yum.

j’s tricycle was also stolen last weekend (can you believe it?), so looks like i’ll be shopping for a new one. i just loved that steer and stroll radio flyer, and the new model is not as cute.

we also checked out a few gardens on this garden tour. this is one of my most favorite things to do every year. some of the gardens are unbelievable, and i will try to share some pictures with you all.

time was also spent getting our little garden in order. for the first time ever we had loads of strawberries to be picked. j loved, loved, loved them.

hope your weekend was great!



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3 responses to “weekend wrap-up.

  1. Emily T.

    What’s up with not posting a picture of YOUR fajitas??? Eaten up too quick? : )

  2. wow the pic made me so very hungry and look its the end of the day! Time to go home and i know what i am having for din-din now!

  3. Kelly

    Do post pics of the tour. I’ve always wanted to go on one of those…

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