real men eat mustard.


{image via flickr}

since the election has been over i haven’t been such a regular view of what’s going on in politics. when i headed over to this blog, bloomacious, i saw the big deal with obama’s choice of condiment.

apparently, to be in touch with the real america, one must prefer ketchup.

well, let me tell you, i looooove me some mustard. as a little kid i lunched on mustard sandwiches. nothing but mustard and good bread. those were some good and simple times.

looks like i’m gonna have to make myself some veggies burgers with good dijon mustard.

’cause i’m a snob (and a rebel) like that.

see the video of the big issue here.


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One response to “real men eat mustard.

  1. I though real men wore kilts.

    But seriously…you want a REAL flavor blast? Try blue cheese. I’d punch a complete stranger in the face for a bite of that!

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