my first

IMG_3279_edited-1 copy

mother’s day that is, and despite the trip to the emergency room at night, it was wonderful. more than i could expect. it started off with a krispy kreme donut. unfortunately, because j wasn’t up to par we missed church, which really bums me out. my mom came over and we had a delicious lunch at one of my favorite restaurants, cpk. then, relaxation in the backyard. heaven.

IMG_3303_edited-1 copy

i asked for baby koi for mother’s day. i could sit for hours watching them. they now keep the turtles company.





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3 responses to “my first

  1. Juan

    I have been reading your blog and I love that you don’t dwell on the negative and find beautiful things to write about.

    I know that tomorrow is the big day and I just wanted to say from one foster-to-adopt to another, that I am with you in spirit. I hope it all goes well and for your sake and j’s that the court does the needful.

  2. Emily T.

    So glad your first was wonderful!

  3. who did the hand print flower bouquet? what an awesome idea!

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