one sick boy.



this is what we’ve been watching nonstop for several days with one sick boy. my mother’s day was a REAL mother’s day: a night in the emergency room (always fun). for the last week j has had what i’ll politely term “stomach issues”. not pretty, let me tell you. on sunday night he spiked a 104 fever, so off we went. we were told we were already doing everything we should be doing (fluids, no dairy, rest) and to continue. the dr. said he most likely has gastroenteritis, so the little man stayed home yesterday, and, of course, was totally fine. today he went to school, but 1 1/2 hours later his teacher called to say he had a 102 fever. looks like i’m home tomorrow, too.

if only j liked cnn and msnbc.

this is a fun conversation i had with a student today… we’ll call her “m”.

m: why were you gone yesterday?

me: j was sick on sunday night and needed to stay home yesterday.

phone rings. j’s teacher tells me that he’s feverish. “m” hears the phone conversation…

m: so he has a fever again?

me: yes, my husband is going to pick him up.

m: well, why did you bring him to school with a fever?

me: he didn’t have a fever this morning. it just developed.

m: you should have kept him home today.

me: thanks, m, but i really don’t need parenting advice from a 16 year old with a d in my class.

complete silence in the classroom.

it was wonderful.


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