and yet another continuance.

debated about posting since i am in a crappy mood and have a huge migraine.

in court today, j’s lawyer recommended tpr. she reiterated what was in the social workers’ report about j’s birth mother’s cousin withdrawing her request to adopt. birthmom’s lawyer, however, said that, according to the cousin, she was told that she would not be approved because birthmom’s 15-year-old brother lives with her and is on active probation (my memory from the tdm was that she would likely be denied because birthmom was living with her). the judge said that a home study would likely be denied in that situation. the lawyer said she wanted to contest because things were not fully explained in the report. j’s lawyer said that the cousin was sitting right here in the front row and could be asked, but the judge ordered a trial on june 12. my question is, what is the difference between a “trial” and what were watching? j’s lawyer could not speak to us long enough for me to ask, but she also said that “today was suppposed to be a trial” but that it would take place on june 12. so confusing. so…again we wait.

we did speak to j’s birthmom. she came over before going before the judge and we exchanged very kind words. she told us she was enrolled in school, and doing well. she asked why j wasn’t there so i told her that he wasn’t supposed to be. she said that she couldn’t make it to the last two visits because of school. i hate when people lie to me. our visits were always at 3:30 and she told me today that she only goes to school for 3 hours and gets out at 11 a.m. that really irritated me, but i didn’t show it. after court she asked when she could see him. i deferred to andrew as he started coaching football this week and his schedule is crazy. we just told her to call the social worker to set it up. i was fuming about everything by that point and just went into the restroom to compose myself. i believe in due process, but, seriously, how many chances does a person get?

i know my “role”, but right now i’m nothing but irritated and angry at this system.

the great thing is that we were able to see a family walk out after their adoption hearing. there was a woman with three kids, and when they walked out you could see the 5-year old was confused so his 12-year old brother explained: you’re my brother now. you’re adopted. and the little boy just grinned from ear to ear. and they all hugged the lawyer. don’t see that every day, huh?



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4 responses to “and yet another continuance.

  1. Ashley

    I know it was nice to see the happy ending. I’m praying that you all get your happy ending/beginning soon.

  2. Juan

    I’m not sure what to say except that you are not alone in this. There are others going through the same experience, having to deal with the same painful system. At least the next court date is less than a month away–it will go quickly.

  3. Miranda

    The last part of your blog made me teary eyed. I hope it’s a forshadowing of what’s going to happen with you and J.

  4. since this is a public blog i will not write all that is running though my mind and inappropriate words too. i’ve been waiting for your post this week and really hoping it would have been like the one you told about at the end of yours. good vibes and prayers sent your way

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