under the weather.



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yes. AGAIN. i swear, 12 years of teaching and this has been THE sickest year of my life. every time i take j to the doctor’s i leave with something. my throat has felt like it’s on fire since last thursday, and only hot, hot tea or cold, cold water sooths it. i really, really need to change a few things because, frankly, this is ridiculous. the biggest change is, of course, the addition of j to our family. with him in daycare we are exposed to many germs, but, really, a huge factor in my health is {yuck} age and that i haven’t been exercising one bit. i also am horrible at eating fruits. i love them, just don’t make the time to eat them. i found the best way to get my servings is to mix up smoothies, so today i am on a new kick. i also am going to exercise. right. this second. i said it out loud. i wrote it down. so now i have to, right?

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  1. Kelly

    So did you do it??? : ) You’ve inspired me to take a run tonight!

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