grad gifts.

i am always stumped as to what to get my senior student aides for graduation. i usually end up with the cursory gift card bought at the grocery checkstand. this year two of my aides will be traveling right after graduation (must be nice, huh?)-one (a boy) to hawaii, another (a girl) to new york. they are in total bliss thinking about being away on a grown-up trip without the parents. yikes! but all kidding aside, i put together a travel kit for each of them, which includes a travel bag and all the necessary toiletries one needs while traveling. i put them all in a gallon-sized zip-top bag with instructions for carry-ons (i.e. 3.4 oz. bottles in a quart-sized, clear, zip-top). this is also a great idea for a girlfriend’s getaway. here’s to summer travels!





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  1. Miranda

    Soooo cute. They are going to LOVE your personalized gift!!! You really should be a stylist and a professional shopper (gift-buyer person) in the summer, as a side job…that you would ENJOY! And a cater when you get the chance…”Cupcake Heaven” or something. 🙂

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