i have o.c.d. BIG TIME. when i am fixated on something, i dream and live it until it comes to life. it might be an outfit that i have to have (which for some reason i can just dream up and then spend loads of time trying to actually find it), or imagining how a certain part of my garden might look.

recently, i am wanting to change things up in our house. the only problem is how long i will be in love with something before i want to change it up again.

i have a long “to do” list for this summer. i want to put new flooring into the master bedroom, put in new light fixtures in the dining area, buy new dining chairs, oh, and a new couch would be lovely too. don’t ask me where the funds will come from, we’re just in the dreaming phase which has me going through ALL of my old issues of domino (r.i.p.).

despite all these possibilities, a must is to paint the guest room/office. it desperately needs some new life. i am inspired by this image from domino.


 {via apartment therapy}

just one wall, or all four? what do you think?



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5 responses to “fickle.

  1. good question. i always turn to my sister dana. ( she is the best person i know of to ask. her degree is in interior design and she spent many yrs doing just that until she started her own biz.
    love the color and i too am ocd

  2. I vote just one wall! very pretty blue 🙂

  3. Ashley

    I’m voting 1 wall. I love the color and the picture set-up on the wall.

  4. Kelly

    I, too, vote for one!

  5. Emily T.

    I love that pic. I am all about color, so I’d say all four!

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