i think it’s funny when…


i catch two of my students with the lowest grades in class (we are talking these two can get perfect, perfect, grades on the final and STILL not pass)  peeking at each other’s final exams. really???? i guess they figured they had nothing to lose?



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3 responses to “i think it’s funny when…

  1. rodderick89

    Oh no! I guess that is truly a case of desperation! What age/subject do you teach? 🙂



  2. Hi Sabrina!
    I teach English to high school juniors! So much fun!

  3. rodderick89

    Awesome, what age are HS juniors? I’m just doing my final year of a degree in Primary Education/Teacher training – I will be teaching 5-11 year olds and all subjects once qualified.. I can’t wait!! :]

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