nothing. nothing. nothing.

only posting because i told friends i would.

just talked to husband. he’s on his way home from court because they will not hear the case today. he has been there since 8:30 a.m., and nothing. he wasn’t even told when the case would be heard.  i am livid, but not because they didn’t hear the case. i will wait to relay the stories concerning bm and her lawyer until i hear them again from andrew in person. i’m just glad i didn’t take the day off.


So…we have no clue when the case will be heard. I’m assuming on Monday? We won’t be there.

As far as bm’s lawyer, she’s just not a courteous person. Twice, she’s been the only one outside of the courtoom to ask a simple question. The first time was to ask what court date the judge had set, and then husband asked her on Friday what time the judge told everyone to be back. Both times she has been plain out rude. I know she’s not supposed to talk to us regarding the case details, but she not tell us a simple date or time? Perhaps we are just ignorant of matters like this. She told husband, i don’t need to tell you, you don’t even have a lawyer. Another reminder that we mean nothing, and now we are regretting not filing the de facto paperwork because the social workers said we didn’t need to.

J’s birth mother once again asked for the picture book. I just haven’t had the time to sit down and make her one, and the more we have to deal with her the more I procrastinate. She cried when they told everyone to come back after lunch.  She never did show up after lunch, but did call Andrew and asked so what happened? Did she really expect Andrew to tell her um, your rights were terminated. Andrew thought it was pretty cocky of her not to come back in the afternoon, but perhaps her lawyer told her not to. So we know for sure she still has our phone number, but hasn’t set up a visit for over a month now.

Another frustration is that J’s social worker was supposed to be there, but wasn’t and didn’t return our phone calls. Grrrr.

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