the bug is back.


things happen for a reason.

every summer i think to myself, what will i focus on this summer? because i am fortunate enough to have 10 or so weeks every year where i can devote a lot of time and attention to a particular area of interest.

just yesterday i decided (after looking through all my issues of the past months’ bon appetit, sunset, and cooking light) that i wanted to focus on food. i planned on creating menus based on the recipes that inspired me to broaden our tastes. when we first got j in august, he was seriously underweight (in the 5th percentile). he was, however, eager to try everything we put in front of him, and we happily gave him paninis (vs. grilled cheese) and good pasta (vs. mac and cheese). i. loved. cooking. and i vowed, VOWED, to continue to hone his “foodie” tastes and to cook home-made, wholesome, meals.

after my stint as stay-at-home-mom ended in late october, i suddenly had to re-think my whole cooking plan. the time-crunch began, and i didn’t anticipate, didn’t remember, really, that teaching took so much out of me mentally. i. was. tired. i suddenly relied on blueberry muffins out of a box, rather than cooking my homemade oat grain muffins. i tried my best to keep meals as healthy as possible, but during the past few months, we have made more than a couple take-out runs. i also have relied heavily on andrew to cook (who is a great cook by the way).

anyway, i’ve digressed…back to things happening for a reason. i wandered over to simple lovely, and joslyn posted about  raising foodies, her new blog about raising children to appreciate good food. yes! i’m elated to join her on this journey. so, you’ll be hearing a lot about food around here. i am totally with her when she says that you don’t have to be a great cook to enjoy good food. so…the bug’s back…

p.s. one of the best books i have ever read is animal, vegetable, miracle by barbara kingsolver. it’s an easy read, and one that will open your eyes  WIDE about food.


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  1. Emily T.

    Just checked out her blog. Great idea! Can’t wait to hear about all the good stuff you’ll be making!

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