our weekend: eating, puttering, organizing.



despite a crappy day at court on friday, we did have a great weekend, and hey, we can’t complain since we are out for the summer!

friday started out with picking up my dad, who was visiting from no. california. my mom also came over as she usually does on friday nights. we had dinner at our favorite restaurant, bouchee’s (more on that later). it was a total hit with everyone as usual.

saturday we spent puttering around the house, then went to the flea market. no finds for me there, sadly. a casual dinner out, then on sunday, more puttering, lunch, and then we dropped off my dad to take the train back home. sunday night was, of course, the laker game. yeah, lakers! we grilled pizzas and ate outside. i also got some much-needed organizing done. (btw, the game was totally called by j. my dad asked him, so who do you think is going to win the championship? the lakers? or the magic? j said, ummmm…deep in thought…lakers!)

andrew has a habit that drives me crazy: he “files” away all his “important” papers (football plays, receipts, notes from students he’s confiscated, etc.) in his pockets, takes them out at night, sets them on the dresser, then puts them back into whatever he’s wearing the next day. eventually he weeds through them, but leaves them all hanging out until i sort through them and throw them out.


{this is when i put them in a neat pile}

needless to say, i can’t even stand it when they’re stacked neatly. it drives me nuts. so i managed to find a brushed silver container at cost plus on clearance ($3.00!) and now i just stick them all in a pretty container.


i’m just as guilty, however, when it comes to my jewelry.


and voila! i used the same container and some sauce dishes to separate earrings, bracelets, etc.




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One response to “our weekend: eating, puttering, organizing.

  1. Emily T.

    Great organizing idea!

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