now this is camping.


{el capitan canyon, santa barbara}

i haven’t been camping in several years, and had totally forgotten that you have to book the great spots far in advance. we won’t be camping at the spot in the picture, but i was fortunate enough to get the last spot on a weekend at a popular so. cal. beach location.

sunset featured luxury campgrounds in an issue a few months ago. think feather beds and fresh-baked cookies. definitely on the to-do list someday.

another thing is that i’ve been trying, unsuccessfully, for what seems like year to book one of these babies at crystal cove.


it’s not that far from home, but what a fun adventure to stay in a cottage on a beach, right?


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2 responses to “now this is camping.

  1. Lucina

    I never imagined I’d ever entertain the thought of camping…but this I could do!

  2. Emily T.

    Those cottages are to die for! Are they terribly hard to rent???

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