france-1, u.s.-0.

a french school menu posted by stephanie of stephmodo:



j’s school menu:


seriously, which would you rather have?

i know many americans don’t want to hear it, but the food cannot be compared. the american school lunch system needs a major overhaul. j’s menu isn’t all that bad compared to what kids are eating when they are left to their own devices (when i get them in high school) .and if this isn’t proof enough for you, come to my first period where you’ll see what american kids are having for breakfast: snickers and rock star drinks. no kidding.



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2 responses to “france-1, u.s.-0.

  1. Miranda

    I’m thinking they could have all the veges without “ranch or creamy Italian dressing”!!!! Why can’t veges be good just by themselves at that early age???

  2. I agree! Even in the teacher’s lounge all they offer us is ranch. I HATE ranch! No wonder teens put ranch on everything… They’ve been brainwashed to smother all foods in it…

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