miles of beach.

scenes from our camping trip to ventura:


our greeter (i just had to…he was too cute)



the walk to the beach


unbelievable. i have lived in southern california my whole life and i have never seen a beach in june without thousands of people on it. other than a handful of other families it was just us. pure bliss.



great camping with kids idea: my friend lupe brought cereal and pipe cleaners for the kids to make bracelets. it kept them occupied long enough for us to set up camp and then they ate their jewelry on our beach walk.



this was the view out our “window”. nice, no? it made up for the time we spent the better part of our trip listening to some guy next to us using morse code and saying “whiskey, alpha, baker” over, and over, and over. he was involved in some sort of radio contest.


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  1. Miranda

    Looks like you guys had a relaxing and restful time! 🙂 So happy that you were able to get away for a weekend! How did J. like the waves?

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