i love a good buy.

i love fashion, but can i afford the “good stuff”? not really. i’m a teacher, remember? so let’s just say that i am not a snob when it comes to shopping. if i like it, and it’s affordable, and if i’ll use it, wear it, or eat it, i’ll buy it. yes, i have been curbing my spending, and trying very hard not to buy non-essentials, but it is sure hard to resist a good deal.

my go-to outfit in the summer is a dress. it’s light, non-restricting, and easy. when i headed into k*mart yesterday for detergent, i saw these:

kmart buys

the dress was $9.99, and the jacket rang up for $5.40. could you walk away? i think not. now i have been trying very hard to incorporate some color into a largely black and neutral wardrobe, and this fit the bill. but i did buy the dress in black, too. i know, i know. i have been trying to buy more quality things that last longer, but i will wear the heck out of these this summer. believe me.

so i wore it to lunch today.

and i don’t regret it.

perfect summer dress for miami, no? wait, miami you ask? yes, today while lunching here (on some very good, very unhealthy food), they were filming dexter. but…no dexter morgan sightings, darn it. just a bunch of trucks.


July09download 084

July09download 087


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One response to “i love a good buy.

  1. Emily T.

    I love that it’s from Kmart! Really?

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