trip planning.


had we planned a trip to somewhere new i would totally use one of these guides at offbeat guides. for the price of what a general guidebook goes for you can purchase a more personalized guide for your destination. very cool.


i’ve been perusing for travel tips with a toddler because i’m trying to be as prepared as possible for a 5 hour flight. my online search led me to flying with kids, where they offer some pretty good advice, including packing lists!

we’ve purchased the portable dvd player (with backyardigans dvds), and will be buying a few small toys to unwrap mid-flight. we are also traveling with some dear friends who have two girls, ages 7 and 5, so i am also planning on making them a small goody bag with things to keep them occupied.

any other tips you can share?

hope you have a lovely, lovely weekend!


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  1. Emily T.

    needing some tips myself, but i didn’t even think of a dvd player. duh.

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