little reminders that life is sweet.

life is good right now. i’m allowed to sleep in, i’m eating well, exercising, meeting up with friends, readying my family for a summer trip. i have no room to complain, but that doesn’t mean i don’t ever feel a little self-imposed stress. last friday morning i felt it big time. i was busy cleaning up this and cleaning up that. just as i thought i was done, j stepped in poop, then i stepped in poop, and everything was on my last nerve. the poop was from our little houseguest, sumo, who, at that point,definitely had overstayed his welcome.

in the midst of my vacuuming and my you’re all driving me nuts speech, j yelled at me stop momma! i turned off the vacuum and he said sit! so i did as was told and sat down in his room. music! he says, so i turned on his current favorite, bob marley, and we just sat. how could a 2-year-old know that’s exactly what i needed?

so the rest of the day i spent on the chaise in the backyard while j swam in his pool…

and re-read this  bel canto (one of the most beautifully written books i’ve ever read)…

and ate a simple lunch…



and took pictures of random beautiful things…


oh yeah, and i forgave little sumo. how can you not?



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