happy weekend and other random bits.


this weekend we’ll be digging in the dirt to harvest summer veggies. oh and cook them too. obviously. ; )

packing for the big trip to oahu.

loving on our pups, whom we’ll miss while we’re gone.





and other random bits occupying my time this week…

reading all of gourmet mag’s kid’s menu page by lesley porcelli.


wanting to try this recipe for the almond praline semifreddo pictured above.

loving the  blog and the shop, reverie. i bought something small for a little one we will soon see… and would love this little purse for an upcoming birthday? (okay, okay it’s in october, but you never know who’s looking…)


and heeding this advice from slow food nation:

Get cooking.

Eat together.

Pack a bag lunch.

Conserve, compost and recycle.

Drink unbottled water.

Eat seasonally.

Buy local.

Buy organic.

Plant a kitchen garden.

Avoid genetically modified food.

Learn your region’s food story.

Try making things from scratch.

Meet your farmer(s).

Talk food politics.

Teach children what you know.


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2 responses to “happy weekend and other random bits.

  1. wow, you all have a lot of dogs:) Your weekend sounds wonderful.

  2. how amazing! a trip to oahu! Enjoy….

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