not ready to come out and play.

we’re having a hard time adjusting back to home life so we are taking it easy. travel was all about sleeping when we were tired and eating when we were hungry, whatever the hour, so it’s taking some time to get back on track. i’d love to catch up on what was happening in your lives before catching you up on mine. and i haven’t even checked my email because i have a sinking feeling that that email, the one reminding me that school is back in session in two weeks, awaits me, and i just can’t bear to think about that yet. i’m not ready. i’m still sucking the little bit of life left out of summer. i also haven’t even put our vacation pictures on the computer. it’s as if i’m still there or something. except that instead of waking up to the ocean we are waking up to dogs barking to be let out. and laundry to be done. we are very, very happy to be at home, but yes, we have already found the home we want to book for next year, and plan to make a deposit. nothing like looking forward to summer again, eh?


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  1. Emily T.

    Looking forward to your return!

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