Michael: Why don’t you explain this to me like I’m five.”

Oscar: “Your mommy and daddy give you ten dollars to open up a lemonade stand. So you go out and you buy cups and you buy lemons and you buy sugar. And now you find out that it only costs you nine dollars.

Michael: “Hoooo.”

Oscar: “So you have an extra dollar.”
(the office’s oscar explains “surplus” to michael…via)

after buying lots of lemons at costco (i know, i know, broke the cardinal rule about buying locally…don’t tell alice waters, please), i had a hankering (is that a word?) for lemon bars. i loooooove lemon bars. actually, i love anything lemony, or citrusy for that matter.

i usually use ina garten’s recipe, but find that it’s a bit too much lemon, as i like an equal proportion of lemon to pastry, but, as you know, i teach english and not math, and became frustrated at trying to do the math to get the recipe just right. then i stumbled upon smitten kitchen’s revision of ina’s recipe. perfection it was! and i nearly ate the whole pan, but then remembered that i would be seeing friends so cut them some bars, too, and you probably think that i put a little something special in those lemon bars since i’m rambling on, but i promise you i didn’t.


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  1. Miranda

    It was absolutely delicious! Better than a bakery’s version!

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