i clearly have a problem.


{figs from our tree}

because i picked up two three more cookbooks this past weekend.

the sweet melissa baking book, vegetarian suppers from deborah madison’s kitchen, and mark bittman’s kitchen express.

oh, and i just finished the sweet life in paris (loved this book. if you are a francophile like me and love food, you will love this book. i am crazy about david lebovitz. oh, and it cleared up a lot from my trip to paris!)

 and while we’re on food, let me recommend a couple of last year’s reads:

my life in france (loved it, and didn’t even know that julie and julia existed!)

animal, vegetable, miracle (eye-opening look at food. you will not look at it in the same way)

btw, the mark bittman book is going to totally change my cooking life this fall, and make food prep. quick and easy. i HIGHLY recommend this book.


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