my boy.



this is my boy at 2. i can’t show you a picture yet, because he’s not “officially” all mine to share, and i regret to say that you’re missing out on some seriousness cuteness.

he talks A LOT. not around strangers very much, but you can’t stop him from story telling at home. i’m pretty much the chief translator as to what’s being said, however.

he is about to start wearing “big boy underwear”, which is a big and happy deal, but kind of sad, too, for it really signifies he’s no longer a baby.

he has a vivid imagination and has already started pretend play, especially cooking (where in the world does he get that?). he makes coffee (usually offered with an orange…not a bad combo if you ask me), and cupcakes, and eggs, and even uses an imaginary salt cellar.

he has good manners and says “please”, “thank you”, and “excuse me”, even to the dogs.

he’s a backseat driver, often telling me, “go fast mom.”

oh yeah, sometimes he calls me “mom” instead of “mommy”, which is, like the underwear, both a happy and sad thing. no idea where he got that from.

he already has self-confidence. when i clean his face he says “i’m handsome”, and when he does something that we praise he says “i’m smart”. now to make sure that this doesn’t turn into full-blown conceit.

he loves to play the “kisses game”, in which we kiss him all over the face and neck.

he loves his home. he always says “goodbye home” when we leave and names off all the animals to say goodbye to them, too. when we pass church, he makes sure to say “hi church”

he is not afraid of new experiences and loves everything about going to a new place.

he is empathetic and is quick to comfort someone in distress. he also asks me several times a day, “you okay mommy?”, just to make sure that all is right with me.

he is my first child, and because of him i am more than okay.

i love you my boy.



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5 responses to “my boy.

  1. he sounds like the SWEETEST boy! i love the picture, so cute!

  2. he seems like a doll…

  3. Miranda

    He is so adorably cute! 🙂

  4. i cannot wait to see the full pictures!! he sounds so very sweet. hugs

  5. Congrats on becoming closer in your journey to be a forever family. I used to work in foster care & adoption, so I am familiar with the journey…your little boy is adorable. You are so lucky!
    Look forward to following your adoption story.

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